Cidade Jardim Mall

Shopping Cidade Jardim, a shopping center inspired by the world’s most elegant streets. Not by chance, the stores all face modern gardens, creating a climate that blends charm and sophistication.

Clients choose Shopping Cidade Jardim because it offers leisure, gastronomy and a careful and complete selection of stores. That’s the case of the Big 5, the five most prestigious brands in the world – Hermès, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci – which chose Shopping Cidade Jardim to open their stores, some being the brand’s sole location in Brazil. It’s a place that reinvented the concept of a food court and created a gastronomic environment with star-studded restaurants, such as Kosushi, Adega Santiago and Belgian bakery Le Pain Quotidien, besides the recently inaugurated Food Hall.

For its public to also enjoy well-being and culture, Shopping Cidade Jardim also hosts the relaxing Spa Cidade Jardim, the modern Academia Reebok health club and the complete bookstore Livraria da Vila. All of this, and every convenience to resolve life’s daily questions in a space with acclaimed architecture and landscaping design.



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Leasing information: comercialshoppings@jhsf.com.br